Web services for election process, not just administration

John Udell discusses the DCStat program run by Dan Thomas– the district of Columbia is putting all their government agency info in web service format, something Phil Windley called for in general years ago. Thanks to John Musser for these links.
The focus of the early web services seems to be on administrative agency data, and not on campaign data or in general information that might help the public/journalists in the election process. Ellen Miller and the Sunlight foundation have opened the Sunlight Lab to begin work on mashups of data (funding data, contracts, appointee records) which could provide a virtual political record for our leaders and want-to-be leaders.

Whereas they’re working at the federal level, our whosfundingwhom.org project is at the local San Francisco level, but I think everyone is at the stage where an xml protocol for funding data needs to be defined and agreed upon.

My plan is to design a first draft and throw it out there. Any ideas? Does such a protocol already exist?


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