San Francisco to Bank of New York: 634 mil!

The top city contractor for the city of san francisco is the Bank of New York— they have city contracts for over 634 million bucks since 2004, almost all with the Airport commission…don’t know what this means exactly, and after all what could be wrong with a little cross-costal friendliness.
Why do I know this? I’m integrating the city contracts database, available at the Controller’s office, with the campaign finance database we have at The first thing I did was download the raw data from the controllers and run some database operations to sort by total amounts. You can also see which city departments are involved in big contracts, and with whom.

My next step is to do a name match on the databases to find out the top campaign contributors who have also been awarded city contracts. What fun we’re having at!

Here’s the top 10:

Vendor Amount
B N Y WESTERN TRUST $634,763,741.00
REGENTS OF THE UNIVE $177,036,142.00
STATE OF CALIFORNIA $130,532,260.00
CCSF HRD WORKERS COM $68,921,845.00
MCKESSON $60,257,539.00

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