Money can and can’t buy love: SF Supervisor candidate spends $250,000 and loses, top spending BOE candidates win

Running for office is expensive in SF. A board of supervisor candidate (dist.4), Doug Chan, spent over $250,000 and lost. Other supervisor candidates are in the six figures as well. Two Board of Education candidates spent over $30,000 and won. Note that these figures don’t include money spent by ‘independent’ committes, such as SOS, who reportedly have spent thousands to get Chris Daly out of office (SOS has reported only $7000 in contributions, to ‘Citizen’s For Reform Leadership’ #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 and #6.).

Chan’s figure is quite interesting given that:

  1. he lost,
  2. A few weeks ago, the Chronicle published an article, ‘$100,000 grubsteak’, detailing the big spending of his opponent Janryn Mak.
  3. the Chronicle endorsed Mr. Chan, and
  4. Mak ended up spending over $100,000 less than Chan and still lost (perhaps due to the Chronicle article). Ron Dudum, the projected winner, spent less than either by a large margin.

Here’s the totals that have been reported, as shown on today and verified at the San Francisco Ethics Commission. Projected winners have a *.

District 2:
Alioto-Pier $138,550 *
District 4:
Chan $261,586
Mak $141,572
Dudum $80,924 *
Jew $84,769
District 6:
Daly $150,450 *
Black $116,653

District 8
Dufty $110,851 *
Rossenthal $45,226
District 10
Maxwell $77,805 *

Board of Education

Mendoza $36,054 *
Jane Kim $33,804 *
Bayard Fong, $33,413
Bob Twomey $21,294
Mauricio Vela $8,145
Dan Kelly $5,105
Kim-Shree Maufus (no reports) *


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